Brand Development Strategy

Through in-depth research and analysis, we identify and develop the strategic formulation of global brand plans and objectives.

We can provide market-based brand strategies based on professional brand diagnosis in an all-round way, with the purpose to empower your brand to have right communications with customers in inspiring and motivating language. We are able to build up a premium, insightful and international brand images during the development of brands with emotional charm and rational appeal.
Brand building is the beginning of every business, while the expansion and growth of the brand business requires the combination of accurate strategy in the long run as well as innovative design.

Business Development Strategy: On the path of brand growth, we are with your brand all the time, to achieve expansion and growth of business through the thinking and methods for design strategies.

You will own a brilliant brand image upon the completion of our brand building program. However, to achieve business growth, a variety of business development strategies are needed to promote brand growth.

VOCUIS uses the thinking and methods for design strategies, sucha as establishing or adjusting business model, promoting and marketing brands, designing various brand communication tools, or using media public relations strategies, to help brand grow smoothly from multiple directions and dimensions.

Brand positioning: Define and understand yourself accurately

An ambiguous brand expression cannot help establish deep brand memory. This is the problem faced by many brands: the brand positioning is not specific.Brand positioning is the most important topic in brand strategies. You must understand the advantages and value of your brand by analysing internal and external environment, define yourself in a unique and precise manner, and know your position in market. A brand development program often begins with brand positioning.

Brand DNA: Describes a brand with precise vocabularies and keywords.

Similar to human DNA distinguishing people and other animals, brand DNA is also required to boast of accurate vocabulary and keywords that can used to distinguish itself from other brands. The technology carries on and is developed on the basis of brand positioning, and it is used to connect subsequent brand strategies and design experience to be extended. At this stage, brand DNA will be repeatedly discussed and verified because it has large impact on brand development in the future. Therefore, this stage is very important.

Deepening Brand Emotions via Brand Communications and Media Strategies

Only with the help of marketing can brand can speak to target customers accurately, thus increase the brand volume and achieve the goal of brand growth. VOCUIS can plan marketing & promotion and media public relations strategies for a brand, for example, by means of media press conferences and event marketing, establishing the bridge for communication between the brand and target customers, and enabling the brand to touch target customers more accurately and finally lead the market.

Brand Architecture and Extension: Foundation for Long-term Brand Development

Disorderly brand architecture is a common problem in brand development. A brand architecture of good logic is helpful to develop new products and sub-brands, and is able to show the unique advantages and value of the brand to consumers. It is also a clear direction for brand logo design, and an important feature of a mature brand.

Application of Brand Contacts: A brand communication tool to deepen touching capability and brand appeals

A brand cannot only depend on its identifier to communicate with the target market, but also needs various means or tools to deliver its more and deeper appeals to customers in order to touch them. And this is where the significance of brand touch point application lies in. This can be accomplished by the joint efforts of the customer and design team, under the guidance of brand positioning and using innovative thinking methods.

Brand Communication Strategies

The business model can operate only with the appropriate brand marketing and promotion such as event marketing to bring in customer flows. We will use brand communication strategies to spread good feeling about the brand at the key moment during the contact with customers.

Media strategies

Brand communication strategies can show its results by the combination with excellent media mix strategies. VOCUIS provides suggestions on brand media mix to create brand popularity.

Brand activating strategies are made based on the insight on the modern business and consumer environment. Our designers will seek for changing opportunities for the brand with their know-how and thinking of modern design concept, to recreate a unique brand image capable of adapting to current business environment.

By combination with the brand and design theories, brand development strategies can build excellent perception experience under good business logic from both rational and sensible views.

All designs which are closely related to various brand communication tools should be completed based on precise business logic.

The business models or brand marketing and promotion strategies are shown to target customers in specific brand communication tools; therefore, to achieve the goals of brand development, VOCUIS design team works with the planning team to create and generate all their design works under rigorous strategic thinking, continue the spirit of business development strategies to frequently use the strategies and remove the hinders in the business development with their design.