Discover the Essence of Serenity & Tranquility in Jiaoxi. Jiaoxi Vivir Tranquil Discovery officially opened in January 2021.

Jiaoxi Vivir Tranquil Discovery, which was opened on January 30, 2021, has attracted countless travelers to pilgrimage with its unique tree-hole architectural features and the sense of natural atmosphere in the space. VOCUIS participates in the brand development of the hotel. Under the guiding concept of “summum bonum (supreme good)” in nature and humanity, VOCUIS created VIVIR Jiaoxi — a travelling experience closer to the local lifestyle.


VIVIR Jiaoxi is the first brand established by VIVIR Group. VOCUIS organizes the brand structure, combines the local “slow lifestyle” in Jiaoxi, and guides travelers to get close to the land and experience through unique touchpoints. The cave-like Habitat restaurant is penetrated by natural light through large floor-to-ceiling windows and the avant-garde design blends in the space. Habitat restaurant provides creative cuisine with local ingredients.


There are 31 guest rooms in VIVIR. Each room type has its own wonderful features. While facing the “Forest” of Jiaoxi Hot Springs Park, we can quietly watch the breeze blowing through the treetops to settle our minds and bodies; we can also imagine ourselves as a seed, falling in the healing and warm embrace of “Terra”; the quiet and graceful “River” gently takes away the fatigue of the journey, or we can come to the “Plain” and wander in the vast space. If you come here with friends, you might as well choose from the top-floor room type, watching the scenery outside the window on the “Hills”; or you can feel the “Breeze” blowing on the terrace, or gazing at the mountains and the ocean while enjoying the magnificence of “Sunrise”. Forest, Terra, River, Plain, Hills, Breeze, and Sunrise are the origins of the name for different room types. They are also the natural imageries that the architect hopes to place in the first place.


The concept of VIVIR itself is a creation of performance art. The guests can experience the aesthetics of life in different fields and spaces, touch every guest who stays and experience a slow journey of life.

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