Nantong Film Street

VOCUIS was invited by Nantong City Cultural Bureau, to design a featured sightseeing street in the downtown themed on the film culture of Nantong city. The project includes the overall planning of the street and its supporting facilities, and is expected to be a new landmark and attraction of Nantong city.

Zhang Jian, father of Nantong, made great contribution to the present Nantong city, and also had a certain influence on the development of modern China. Mr. Zhang found the first Chinese film company in Nantong, turned Nantong into a place full of film talents, and helped China move towards its golden age in filming industry.Nantong filmmakers have made distinctive achievements in China’s film development. Those people include the most influential actor at that time, Mr. Zhao Dan, from Nantong. When his films were aired, the whole city would be stirred. In order to memorize these cultural memories, the new generation of Nantong came up with an idea to create a film street by combining film culture and commerce in the planning of the main street for the downtown, which can make more Nantong young people to get familiar with their culture while driving the development of the business circle.

VOCUIS found it interesting and meaningful to find a balance between culture and commerce, which is not only attractive to visitors, but also enable them to enjoy the rich local culture in sightseeing.