Hotel Indigo Diqing was opened in 2021, standing at the commanding heights of Dukezong Ancient City

After ten years, VOCUIS was once again entrusted by the owner of Hotel Indigo Lijiang to continue the journey of the Tibet-Yi corridor and open a new chapter. VOCUIS works with the international interior design partner, P49 Design from Thailand, to create an extraordinary experience of Hotel Indigo Diqing, a place of eternity, peace and tranquility.


Creating a distinctive story experience which is different from Hotel Indigo Lijiang is one of the challenges of the Hotel Indigo Diqing project. With years of accumulated brand strategy experience, VOCUIS tries to balance “heritage” and “novelty” between the two Hotel Indigo and establishes an explicit difference in familiarity.


Diqing, a place with rich cultural and ethnic characteristics, is one of the most important tourist attractions in Yunnan. Hotel Indigo Diqing offers a high-end and extraordinary quality of accommodation and inherits the unique local culture which is presented in modern and interesting brand vocabulary.


After an on-the-spot investigation, VOCUIS finds clues from the life and memory of the local people, develops the main storyline and touchpoints for the guest journey, and assists Hotel Indigo Diqing to establish its brand communication foundation so that every guest who stays can experience its special brand spirit.


With insightful strategies, VOCUIS deploys the local natural elements and the historical background of the ancient city in proportion to establish a consistent theme and brand strategy and interpret various meanings of “moonlight” with a unique perspective. It brings a sense of mystery to the story and various expressions which makes Hotel Indigo Diqing more charming. A modern “Tibetan” boutique design hotel in Yunnan is built.