Case Study

Affordable Luxury Holiday Experience

The AVIC・Yuan ・Yuhai Real-Estate Development Resort Project, situated at Xunliao Bay Scenic of Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, China, is a high-end Coastal resort near the sea and lake, surrounded by mountains, and faced with island. Taking coastal holiday life as the experience core, the project processes double islands, forest sports park, hiking trail, artificial lake, and international sailing base and other resources, and it is a combined holiday resort. In order to create a rich cultural experience and prolong residents’ stay, VOCUIS re-diagnosed the brand of the island site development resort project and studied the local cultural elements to differentiate it from other tourist resorts in the Xunliao Bay.

FishermanUnderstanding & Respect the Ocean.



Research & Analysis

Site Pre-survey / Background Study Survey
Site Background Study Survey
Inspecting Tour And Interview Plan
Neighbourhood Culture Study
Data Research & Analysis

Homogeneous Brands / Competitors Information
Mainly Homogeneous Brands / Competitors Survey
The Main Competition Products
Market Products segmentation

Site Development Theme And Analysis
Develop Brand Storyline Tag Line


Identify Positioning

Market Positioning Analysis
Audit Brand_The Current Market
Analysis Market
Selected Advantages
Market Re-Positioning
Product Positioning Analysis

Analyze The Products Of The Target Market And Own Brand
Audit_Products Analysis Charts
Compare With Competitors_Product Features-bar charts

Product Re-Positioning
Brands Positioning Strategy
Content And Purpose of Positioning
Review Brand Positioning Requirements
Brand Re-positioning Strategy


Site Strategy

Brand DNA / Brand Vision / Brand Value
Brand DNA
Clarify The Brand DNA
Audit The Brand’s Rational/Emotional Key Elements
Create Brand ESSENCE

Brand Vision(Slogan)
Clarify The Brand Vision, Goals, Values ​And Capabilities
Create Brand Vision
Create Brand Slogan

Brand Value
Clarify And Develop The Brand Core Value
Make The target Consumer Recognize and Love It


Design Direction

Establish The Direction Of The Site
Brand Storyline Core Value Development
Find The Design Material According to Culture And Storyline

Brand Touchpoints
Audit Currently Touchpoints
List And Suggestions
Story Touchpoints
Merchants & Brands Planning

Design Elements
Brand Culture And Value Appreciation Onto Imagery And Design
Expression Imagery Extension Concepts


Re-positioning the brand and setting periodic goals

VOCUIS made a brand positioning for the "Yuhai Real Estate Development Resort Project," evaluated the current status of the project product diversification, travel habits of market consumers, diversified natural resources of the project as well as the development potential of the project in the future. We prepared the periodic position scheme by understanding the different travel habits of customers, developing the essential equipment all touch points, and clarifying the periodic tasks and goals. We focused on creating the value “natural resources”, building a beautiful natural environment, so as to provide customers with comfortable natural experience and achieve the brand vision.
In addition to self-assessment on the brand, VOCUIS also collected plenty of similar hotel projects from surrounding areas, home and abroad, from which we further got valuable reference points to use as the key points of development in all stages of brand re-positioning, so that we can be better to draw the development path for the Yuhai Real Estate Development Resort project, and provide guidance for implementation of the project.


Collection of Xun culture and extraction of the theme as HARVEST from fisherman’s family culture

After a further discussion, analysis and selection of the surrounding neighbouring culture of Yuhai, VOCUIS had an idea about respecting nature (natural), challenging the natural (Exciting) and gaining harvest joy (the Vibrant), which was combined with the Word –Xun, a concept showed up as "come to the Xunliao, becoming the wind to chase for freedom". Furthermore, we refined the brand culture elements of Yuhai to develop it into the unique cultural symbols in fishermen's culture. We connected the brand and fishermen's culture together to extend the brand DNA and act as three important principles in the further brand development. In addition to the development of fishermen’s culture as the external totem, it is also an important brand internalization.


Establishing Rich Brand Experience among Sea, Island and Person

The project is located at a national ecological core area, Xunliao. The name Yuhai reflects the two important resources of maintains and sea. At this place, you can enjoy many islands of different sizes like Joan Tower spreading on the sea, and you are surrounded by various resources like “Lake surrounded by Mountains” and “ coastal island”. There is the paradise of natural resources which other project can never match with.
Yuhai has rich natural resources, and the sea also breeds fishermen's culture of East of Huizhou City. For hundreds of years, people here have been carefully kept this place Xunliao, a land of idyllic beauty. This comes from the wisdom of fishermen at East of Huizhou City about living in harmony with nature. They think that they are not the master but a part of nature in need to live with nature. No one will survive without those things. And this wisdom also should be learned by modern people.
VOCUIS gives a suggestion that we should take the nature as the main line, get inspiration from five elements, and choose the “balance and harmony” as our concept to create a beautiful and natural holiday experience for visitors without any damage to original nature, continuing the wisdom from the ancestors.

Experience cultural customs and find the differences between the ideal and real conditions

VOCUIS team came to the site for survey and felt the local geography, humanities, customs and features deeply. We further explored the useful and valuable reference points to make them the key points in all phases of brand building.

Realizing the ideal “Yuhai” from theme showing, route experience to scape improvement

VOCUIS has done lots of works including performing overall investigation for the “Yuhai Real Estate Development Resort Project”, establishing periodic brand development suggestions, exploring local cultural elements to obtain themes for demonstration, making further discussions about possible experience routes of customers, and improving the sceneries in various scenic spots. In this way, VOCUIS did not only provide the blueprint for future development of this project, but also provided suggestions on improving the sceneries in short-term development, and helped the project to realize its vision of becoming the mid-high end comprehensive resort brand.

Spreading the core spirit around every corner of the hotel by using the brand touch point

VOCUIS provided assistance for “Yuhai Real Estate Development Resort Project” in preparing the development plan and establishing the development direction for brand touch points, including the overall design of coastal roads and bar street, changing the atmosphere of the “Beauty looking in a mirror” beach, setting the landmark of fishermen culture, binding the journey for exploring Xunliao Bay culture. Besides, by combination of uninhabited elements such as wedding, hotel and exploration, VOCUIS put the nature and human elements into the current entertainment events to enrich the brand experience.

VOCUIS provides restaurants with complete and professionalservices for development of brand design concept strategies

VOCUIS provided the design concept development service for “Yuhai Real Estate Development Resort Project”, which is one of the nine themed property projects of “AVIC REAL ESTATE”-a real estate business owned by “Aviation Industry Corporation of China”. This project is located at Xunliao Bay, East of Huizhou City, China.








AVIC REAL ESTATE has three real estate project categories, which are business real estate, theme real estate and industrial real estate. Of its nine themed property projects, one is the “Yuhai Real Estate Development Resort Project”.
Founded in 1985, AVIC Real Estate Co., Ltd. is a company listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange of China, and it is subordinate to Aviation Industry Corporation of China. The main business of the company includes real estate development and operation, various investments, opening of shopping mall, hotel service facilities, domestic business, material supply and marketing industry, self-owned property management and operation, organization of various product fairs, science and technology exchange activities, academic exchanges of science and technology conference, and labour dispatching.
Since 2006, the company has been elected as Shenzhen Top Hundred Corporations for consecutive 6 years.The Company is committed to being a trustworthy business real state investor, developer and operator with clear characteristics, building urban complex business real estate with the core brand of “Avic City” and tourism theme real estate with the core brand of “Avic Yuan”.At present, the company has over 40 projects under construction, and its business is distributed in key cities of central, southwest, and northwest of China, Yangtze river delta, pearl and Fujian triangle area, forming a national strategic development business layout with parallel development of multiple projects.
中航地產通過對商業模式和人居生活的不斷探索By continuous exploration of business models and people’s life, AVIC REAL ESTATE starts to conduct urban construction and deeply combine the development of the enterprise with regional economies, fully use the resource integrity advantages and brand appeal of AVIC REAL ESTATE to input continuous activity factors and power to cities, to create a new life way.