The founder of BACCO is a couple from Italy and Taiwan who love travelling and red wines. They visited wine estates around the world while travelling. After having tasted the finest wines in every wine estate, they decided to bring their favourite Italian wine into Asian market. They spent two years visiting more than 100 wine estates across Italy and elaborately selected 55 vineyards and introduced wine brands suitable for Asians. VOCUIS was commissioned to work on a completely new brand building based on BACCO wine brands so as to help BACCO establish brand recognition and enter Asia market.

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BACCO – a guide for Italian boutique wines

When designing the packaging, our design team decided to focus on using the brand's distinctive serif font typeface logo as the central theme of the design concept to accentuate the traditionally exquisite and yet modern and unique qualities of the BACCO wines.To help wine tasters realize a five-sense journey of Italian wine, the design team started from the brand packaging. By utilizing post various post-print processing and materials, the team succeeded in showing the gradation-rich characteristics of wines, while realizing a visual experience of rich gradation, a touch feeling of different materials when reaching for the bottle through packages, an auditory sense when pouring, a smell experience when approaching wine glass to nose and a taste sense when sipping. Every detail was elaborately designed and closely connected, from packaging to tasting, a powerful display of BACCO's brand value.

A five-sense journey of Italian boutique wines

A good packaging must stand out amongst many other competitors. The design team preserved the elegance in traditional history of wines and integrated modern designs into packaging. After discussing and selecting from multiple proposal combinations, the design team decided to stick to simpleness and chose the brand name BACCO as the single recognition totem on the package. The simple and clean lines combined with unique Italian strip elements in green, white and red, was not only blended in concise and refined modern design conveying a classic and elegant ambience of wines, also was a quick reminder of Italian boutiques, setting a clear and powerful brand image.A good packaging also needs to reflect the culture of targeted market. BACCO's packaging adopted an oriental colour of black and gold, fully respecting the gift culture in Asia market. The wine in the package as a gift tends to look extravagant and gracious so as to make receivers feel respected and honoured.

About BACCO Boutique Italian Wines

BACCO source small-production wines from all over Italy – from Trentino to Tuscany, Sardinia to Sicily - focussing on boutique estates from all of the 20 diverse regions! The collection has grown to include over 40 wineries with over 300 different products for you to try! BACCO share their unique finds at regular tasting events, held at BACCO's spectacular office located on the Robertson Quay, Singapore.