As a Belgium-based fashion brand of high-functional bags, Hedgren is mainly targeted at urban people and designs bags with excellent quality and multi functions for them.With a strong presence in over 50 countries, Hedgren has more than 3000 stores offering one of the bestselling bag brands in the world.Through the brand repositioning of Hedgren, VOCUIS created a completely new retail environment experience , for the benefit of consumers, which is in line with the new vision and style of the brand, but different from these in the market.

We build unique brand identities andimagery creating extraordinarybrand experiences.


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Lead people to star a new life in the city

Hedren commissioned VOCUIS to design a new retail chain store aiming at the Chinese market, planning to set up 500 flagship stores in China by starting from Hangzhou and Shanghai and then radiating to other cities.Apart from design of retail environment, VOCUIS had to put more efforts in brand repositioning and activation in order to enhance the brand vitality of Hedgren, and make it a modern, versatile, energetic, unique and forward-looking brand.


VOCUIS developed a design standard system for the retail chain of Hedgren, allowing increase and decrease of items according to the actual situation of stores in different regions. Based on the estimated customer traffic of each retail chain store, VOCUIS worked out a full set of solutions for warehouse space, stands, advertising display area, floor plan and detailed construction drawings, etc..VOCUIS created a unique retail environment and amazing brand experience with respect to visual feeling, space sense, texture, color, comfort, lighting, sound, smell, and moving line sense.


Hedgren is a Belgium-based brand, specializing in making highly functional fashion bags. With excellent quality and taste, the brand is committed to designing comfortable bags for people who live a busy life in cities. In 1993, the Hedgren brand was founded by Xavier Kegel, a famous Belgian designer who is also the founder of the well-known brand Kipling.With a strong presence in over 50 countries, Hedgren has more than 3000 stores offering one of the bestselling bag brands in the world.