Case Study

This project is intended to create the professional brand image of JOHNSON and explore the inner spirit and culture of the brand through a full range of design plan and production.

VOCUIS has long-term cooperation with JOHNSON. We designed and developed for the customers its global website, company profile, exhibitions and showrooms, and then created its brand image of professional & technological advancement and explored the inner spirits and culture of the brand through constant communications and discussions with the customer.
VOCUIS also planned the first group website for JOHNSON, which enhanced and consolidated the trust and loyalty of its investors, negotiators and employees for JOHNSON and its brand. We also discussed the planning related to the group and its subordinate brands with JOHNSON, and continued to focus on visual media communication and the core research and development of brands and products.

VOCUIS 協助其制定了品牌識別標準,並延伸應用於產品型錄與展場設計,這一次的品牌轉型為品牌塑造了 JOHNSON 在專業有氧健身器材方面的品牌形象。










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Research & Analysis

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Brand System
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Corporate Profile

With rapid growth of enterprises, management and maintenance among the group brands has become an important issue.

JOHNSON Fitness & Wellness owns such sub-brands as Vison, Matrix, and Horizon, and has subsidiaries and agents all over the world. With rapid expansion, the Group has to consolidate the leading position of its group brand, and establish a global brand management mechanism in order to keep its fast growth pace.In this project, the biggest challenge is how to establish the leading position of JOHNSON Fitness & Wellness on its sub-brands, how to unify the image standard of its sub-brands from the perspective of the Group and how to design the distinctive features of each sub-brand so that each sub-brand can well convey its brand image to the right consumers.

Brand marketing design of a global brand

During its development, the JOHNSON Group has adopted the most important brand marketing strategy to differentiate its sub-brands. In this way,each sub-brand has its own target market, thus finally realizing maximum profit.VOCUIS provided advice and design works for JOHNSON in terms of brand strategies and brand design, helping the JOHNSON Group with operational development and image building.
With respect to brand strategies, VOCUIS discussed the issue of global brand management with JOHNSON for many times, and held the global distributor brand education seminar. In this way, VOCUIS contributed to the solid group leading foundation of the JOHNSON Group.Brand design was carried out at the same time. VOCUIS established the image standard system for the Group and its sub-brands, which can clarify the target customers for each sub-brand and the specific features to be displayed. In this way, each sub-brand can successfully communicate with the target customers, and help consumers quickly find the right sub-brand products. The establishment of these standards enables the Group cto make itself professional and authoritative for its sub-brand products.
VOCUIS assisted JOHNSON in designing its global website, company profile, exhibitions and showrooms, and used the brand scenario graphic library to differentiate its sub-brands so that consumers can find the right brands and products. With respect to the Group brand, we also consolidated and enhanced the trust of investors, partners and employees of JOHNSON. During our cooperation, we kept visual media communication with JOHNSON in order to establish brand image of the professional and technological advancement for the Group.

We create brand identitiesand visuals for extraordinarybrand experiences.

Brand transformation guidance

VOCUIS devotes itself to assisting the transformation of brand ownersBuild a brand image with unique features

Taiwan-based manufacturers have built up rich experience in technological innovation and manufacturing high quality products. Some of them are thinking about business transformation, and some are thinking about improvement of their image. These topics are closely related to brand building.
VOCUIS has extensive experience in branding and design, and has helped many Taiwanese manufacturers with successful transformation and improvement of brand image. As their branding and design partner, VOCUIS is guiding their management teams to establish various elements required for branding. From market research, brand strategy positioning and concept development to design of brand touching points, we make tailored brand strategies for customers based on their different needs so as to make brand strategies become part of enterprise development strategies and facilitate the growth of customers.


Founded in 1975, JOHNSON FITNESS is the largest fitness equipment manufacturer in Asia and the third-largest in the world. By adhering to the operational principle of "health, value and sharing", it focuses on development of health and science and technology, and has its private brands of Matrix, Vision and Horizon sold in more than 80 countries around the world.
The Group has an excellent international R&D team and manufacturing technology, has passed ISO 9001, ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 certification, and has reached Japan SG, America UL/ETL, Canada CSA, Germany GS, EU CE and other international product safety standards as well as the US FDA certification. It has won the Taiwan Excellence Gold and Silver Awards, Taiwan's top 100 brands, Japan G-Mark Design Awards, and the United States IDEA International Design Award for years in succession.