Case Study

Unify brand belief to improve holistic brand value

SOCO is an enterprise with experience of over 30 years. In terms of brand recognition and visual impression, the LOGO of SOCO has been registered in many countries so we could not redesign the LOGO in accordance with the result of brand reorganizing strategy. In addition, the visual image was not established uniformly in times of proactive development, leading to consequences including incomplete and feature-lacking website, incongruous advertisements, confusingly colourful exhibitions without outstanding brand features, as well as discrepant brand logos. All of the above resulted in a lack of unified standard visual image and therefore inconsistent international impression.As for the brand itself, SOCO had put much emphasis on business promotion for the past years. There is no brand cohesion and specific recognition of the brand inside and outside of the enterprise. VOCUIS is expected, via brand guidance plan, to build specific brand vision, brand positioning, and brand commitment and support and etc for SOCO.


Audit & Identify

Industry Analysis
Brand / Product Audit


Internal Study
Business Audit


Focus Group Discussions


Research & Analysis

Market Position
Brand DNA
Brand Character
Brand Vision & Culture
Brand Positioning
Brand Touchpoints


Corp/Brand Relation
Brand Structure
Identity Formation


Design & Production

Corporate Image


Brand Identity
CIS Guideline
Web & Print Media
Advertisement Design
Exhibition Design
Exhibit Visuals & Graphics
Exhibit Booth Guidelines

Prospective thinking and international leading brand

SOCO used "international leading brand" as the axis of brand positioning, provided innovative, professional and standardized middle- and high-end machines with reasonable prices based on an excellent service mechanism, and planned brand reorganizing strategies so that it could unify the brand belief from inside out and increase holistic brand value.

A world made of circular tubes

As one of the top five factories in the globe, SOCO ranks first in Asia in terms of market share and scale of circular sawing machine and bending machine. Circular sawing machines and bending machines are important for manufacturing and producing high-quality circular tubes, which are also an integral part in many machines. In other words, the world is made of circular tubes.VOCUIS selected "circular" as the significant brand recognition totem of SOCO, added a strong personality with bright yellow, giving an impression of rough and robust, strengthening memories of SOCO's brand value.

Distinctive brand image, a perfect manifestation of the enterprise’s innovative power

With regard to brand building, VOCUIS identified the brand problems of SOCO through professional brand inspection, and determined the brand vision jointly with SOCO after several times of guidance - "SOCO is a leading brand that is expected and trustworthy."For brand culture, VOCUIS added the term of "prospective thinking" for SOCO to encourage its members to lead the trends with prospective thinking and work hard to build an innovative and unique international brand as well as a precise producer and manufacturer.

VOCUIS is dedicated to helping brand owner to trasformCreate a unique brand style

Manufacturers from Taiwan boast experienced technology and high-quality manufacturing capabilities. Some of them are thinking about how to transform, others about how to improve their images, which are closely related to the topic of brand building.Thanks to its rich experience in brand guiding, VOCUIS has offered help to many manufacturers from Taiwan to successfully transform and enhance their brand images. VOCUIS, as their brand design partner, gradually guides their management teams to establish required various elements for the brands. From market survey, brand strategy positioning, conceptual development to brand touch point design, VOCUIS is tailored to meet the individual need of each customer and makes brand strategy a part of corporate growth strategy, along with customers growth.

About SOCO Machinery

SOCO Machinery was founded in 1979, with the laser cutting machine (laser pipe cutting machine), circular saw machine, bending machine and a pipe end chamfering machine as operating main shaft of the company. With branch offices in Malaysia, Singapore, Hongkong and China, more than 30 years of technical experience and research of energy accumulation, at present for the circular saw machine and bending machine, the market share and scale is No1 in Asia, also the world’s top five manufacturers.