SAMSUNG “Solve for Tomorrow By Social Design”

The “Samsung Taiwan Creative Charitable Stars” is a talent cultivation program jointly launched by Taiwan Design Center (TDC) and Samsung Taiwan. This year, Samsung Taiwan aims to “Solve for Tomorrow by Social Design”, which is its main theme, calling on creative design talents to express the commitment and vision of “livable city” in a creative way. Samsung has been taking the social corporate responsibility (CSR) in Taiwan, and explored”how to make a better life”so as to better serve the society. Targeted at design department students from universities and research institutes, this project consists of two parts, i.e. “Samsung Creative Lectures” and “Selection of Creative Charitable Stars”. Samsung designers from South Korea and Shanghai were invited to Taiwan and share their experience with Taiwan design talents. In this competition, design talents were required to give full play to their strength, and put forward creative ideas for the benefit of the society in their design. The top 10 shortlisted entries would be displayed at the 34thYODEXexhibition this year. In the end, the top 5winners were selected by Samsung to represent Taiwan design students to communicate and practice in Samsung headquarters in Shanghai, and exchange their ideas with the world.

Invited by the Taiwan Design Center (TDC), VOCUIS accepted this challenging task, serving as the chief visual designer, and assisting with publicity of the program and inviting design students from various universities and colleges to participate in this program. The VOCUIS team applied the commonalities of technology and design, creativity coming from heart, as the major concept, and used “Heart”and”Star” to express the meaning of “Charitable Star” in hope of attracting more design students from universities and colleges to participate in this ” Samsung Taiwan Creative Charitable Stars” program and introducing more meaningful designs to the society.