Selected as a member of Taiwan DESIGN TEAM

The Taiwan Design Center established D-Team with lifestyle design as its core by gathering design elites from Taiwan’s three sectors: culture and creativity, machinery and home appliance. By changing the previous mode of one-to-one consultation, the team brings together designers with different thought and from different fields so as to inspire new creative design, introduce the culture of Taiwan to the world, and shape Taiwan’s international image.

VOCUIS has provided consulting services for many Taiwanese manufacturers in building their brand image and marketing internationally, and got high recognition from the TDC in terms of its professionalism, experience and ability. Invited by the TDC, VOCUIS joined the D-TEAM to work with other excellent design elites in spreading Taiwan’s featured culture and image. VOCUIS also hopes that the members of D-TEAM could make joint efforts to strengthen Taiwan’s design capacity and improve Taiwan’s international image.