Taiwan, Taitung Essence Identity

Invited byTaiwan Design Center (TDC) , VOCUIS undertook the branding and design of “Taitung Essence” at 2014 Taiwan Design Expo. It’s an interesting but challenging project, which aims at promoting the local agricultural and traditional handicraft products of Taitung, and introducing the re-packaged Taitung “Essence”to international market while preserving its roots. Under the co-sponsorship of the Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA and Taitung County Government, this design expo was planned and organized by Taiwan Design Center, s and successfully held at Taitung Sugar Factory on August2.

The VOCUIS team paid a visit to Taitung in order to explore the features and values that could best represent “Taitung Essence”. Taitung is a place with the earliest evidence of human habitation in Taiwan: the Changbin Culture in the Paleolithic age, and magnificent landscape, from the first ray of sunshine at Sanxiantai, towering central mountain, fertile Rift Valley and extended Pacific coastal line, to diversified natural species, such as flying fish of the Orchid Island, daylily flowers of Taimali, and Chi-shang rice, etc.. This fertile land is home to numerous “Taitung Essences”.

We managed to visit local farms where we tried Chi-shang rice bun, honey, civet coffee, and also checked out the handicraft products made of stone, drifting wood and other raw materials by local aboriginal people. Taitung is a great place of harmonious coexistence between human and nature, where resources are taken from nature, and used by men, and finally return to nature. VOCUIS applied this spirit in the totem design when building “Taitung Essence” brand, while taking consideration of its practical application and promotion in the international market. The design highlights the life vitality of Taitung, and integrates the modern style and Taitung’s primitive spirit in order to demonstrate the distinctive time-honored culture of Taitung.